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Engineers and Designers agree that Garden Glass Patios has achieved a pinnacle in Design 
and ValueGarden Glass Patios are the most beautiful and functionally performing patio covers available anywhere in the world, today! 

Garden Glass Patio allows you to choose exactly how much shade and how much sunshine, or blue sky, or sunset (or the night-time moon and stars) will fit your particular moment. Your patio is always perfect for how you'll use it

Garden Glass Patio delivers flexibility and new levels of function and pleasureOpen to the sky or shaded, easily changed in moments, customized and designed to match your patio, your Garden Glass Patio guarantees a fully protected and shaded patio area when and how you want it. It's always ready for your purpose, for your family and friends and perfect for your mood and enjoyment.

In the past, when a homeowner installed a patio cover, the pleasures of natural daylight were lost forever. Standard patio covers cast a dark, deep shadow across your patio and windows, and block sunshine and daylight from your home.

Never again! Thanks to Garden Glass Patios and its ClearView Canopy of flexing tempered safety glass and its movable Sunbrella shading system, your Garden Glass Patio will provide protection from the weather and from the harsh direct rays of sun, AND also give you the instant choice of full shade, or gentle sky-light, or full sunshine — all available in a moment and with the flick of your finger on your movable overhead shades.

If you choose, your Garden Glass Patio gives you a little or a lot of refreshing sunlight — or the joys of a beautiful moonlit night — and a protected place to watch the pleasures of a spring rainshower or the whirling flakes of a winter snowfall! We'll build it in your preference of deep bronze or beautiful enamelled white columns and beams, with bay sizes and lengths and shade colors customized for your patio area.

Your Garden Glass Patio gives you the added protection of world-renowned, time-proven  Sunbrella fabric.
Each of your glass-ceiling bays has its own independent UV-absorbing Sunbrella fabric movable sunshade, with dozens of colors and decorator patterns for you to choose from. And so, each bay section of your Garden Glass Patio can be shaded, partially shaded, or open to full views of a beautiful sky! Custom-built for you, there's nothing else like it, anywhere in the world.